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What are the risks of CCA-treated wood?

Can pesticides cause cancer?

How do I use disinfectants safely for COVID-19?

How do I prepare for outdoor pesticide treatments?

Is this product safe?

What symptoms do people have after overexposure to a pesticide?

Are plant oils, natural, or organic pesticides safer than other products?

How do I find the lowest toxicity products?

What about using pesticides if I am pregnant or have a baby?

Can pesticide use next door affect my health?


Can I use vinegar to control weeds?

How should I mix or apply this product?

How should I get rid of unwanted or leftover pesticides?

How long will a pesticide stay in my yard?

How can I wash out pesticides from dirty work clothes?

What should I do when carrying pesticides in my car?

Can I apply DEET under my clothes?


Is 'food grade' diatomaceous earth okay for pest control?

Can I use mothballs to repel insects or animals?

Why do I have cockroaches in my home?

What can I do after a flood?

How can I avoid mosquito bites?

Do I need to spray for mosquitoes at home?

Can I burn sulfur for pest control?


Can I eat garden plants that may have been drifted on?

What does it mean when food is organic?

How can I wash pesticides from fruit and veggies?

Can I plant vegetables after using a weed killer?

Can I use compost contaminated with clopyralid or other herbicides?


Can rat poison (rodenticides) hurt kids and pets?

How do I protect my pets while using mole or gopher baits?

How can I protect my pets when using pesticides around them?

Are spot-on flea and tick products safe for my pets?

Could snail bait hurt my dog?

Have a question about a specific pesticide? If so, try looking at our pesticide Active Ingredient Fact Sheets or call the number below to talk to one of our pesticide specialists, toll free from 8:00am - 12:00pm Pacific Time (11:00am - 3:00pm Eastern Time).

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also has information about pesticides, available here.

If you have questions about any pesticide-related topic, please call NPIC at 800-858-7378 (8:00am - 12:00pm PST), or email at npic@ace.orst.edu.

Last updated May 13, 2024