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d-Phenothrin is a pyrethroid insecticide, which is also known as phenothrin and/or sumithrin. Pyrethroids are synthetic compounds made to mimic the pyrethrins that are isolated from chrysanthemum flowers. d-Phenothrin is a broad-spectrum insecticide that works by interfering with a nerve cell's ability to send a normal signal by jamming open tiny gates on the cell that need to open and close rapidly to carry the message. d-Phenothrin can be found in a wide variety of products used in commercial and industrial settings, medical institutions, and other settings including aircraft, railroad cars, ships, trailers, homes, animal kennels, gardens, greenhouses, and pet products. d-Phenothrin is also used for mosquito control in vector abatement programs.

General Questions about d-Phenothrin

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Last updated October 10, 2012

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