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Common Pesticide Questions

One or three? Too many foggers can hurt me!

Donna had been dealing with a persistent flea problem in her apartment for months and decided to take care of the fleas once and for all. She used 4 "bug bombs" to treat her small apartment, placing one in each room. She left during the treatment and returned later that evening. She kicked off her shoes and sat down on the sofa to watch TV before going to bed. Donna woke up in the middle of the night with a tingling in her legs and feet. She became concerned the tingling sensation might be caused by the flea treatment and got up to check one of the container labels. As she read through the label information for the first time, she learned ONE fogger was intended to treat 5,000 cubic feet. Donna quickly calculated the cubic feet of her home and was shocked to discover she needed only two foggers, not four. She had used twice the correct number of foggers and, in addition to her health concerns, now wondered if she should be worried about the amount of the pesticide in her home.

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Take Home Message

Don't make the same mistake as Donna! When you decide to apply a pesticide, be sure you read and understand the ENTIRE product label before use. The label information indicates where the product is approved to be applied, application directions, precautions, and the pests it claims to work against.

Fogger product labels also list the size of the space (in cubic feet) a single fogger (video) is intended to treat. Do not apply more product (video) than is stated on the label! ALWAYS read and follow the label directions to help reduce your risk of getting sick, damaging your home, or harming your environment. Donna called NPIC to learn more about the tingling in her legs and to address the concerns for her home.

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