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Pesticide Active Ingredients

Active ingredients are the chemicals in pesticide products that kill, control, or repel pests. For example, the active ingredients in a herbicide are the ingredient(s) that kill weeds. Often, the active ingredients make up a small portion of the whole product. Pesticide product labels include the name of each active ingredient and its concentration in the product.

  • The same active ingredient may be found in hundreds of pesticide products with different names.
  • Products with similar brand names may have different active ingredients.
  • Products with the same name and active ingredient(s) may have different concentrations.
  • Some active ingredients work on a broad spectrum of pests. Others are more targeted, killing only certain things.
  • There are families of active ingredients that work in the same basic way. Using active ingredients from different chemical families can slow the development of pesticide resistance.

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Last updated November 9, 2015