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Disinfectant safety during the COVID-19 pandemic

Presented on 6/24/20 by Amy Cross, Project Coordinator, NPIC

Duration: 1:06:00 (includes Q&A)

Target audience: The public; disinfectant users in education, health care, and other professional settings; and tribal, state, and federal agencies.

In this webinar the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) will address common misconceptions and questions about disinfectant safety. We will also tour EPA’s online tool for products effective against COVID-19.

Topics include:


Using NPIC's Veterinary Portal for Pesticide Incidents

Presented on 2/14/20 by Amy Cross, Project Coordinator, NPIC

Duration: 43:25

Target audience: Public and private veterinarians, technicians, and their staff

The National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) provides objective, science-based information about pesticides and related topics. NPIC's Veterinary Pesticide Incident Reporting Portal (VIRP) was created for veterinarians and their staff to report adverse reactions to pesticides. The presenter provides an introduction to pesticides and demonstrates how to use the free online portal. Topics include "what are pesticides?" and how they are regulated, a brief introduction to discussing pesticide risk with the public, and non-treatment information about selected pesticides. To explore the portal, click here. A Q&A session is included after the presentation.


How to Request Pesticide Incident Data from NPIC

Presented on 11/13/18 by Amy Cross, Project Coordinator, NPIC

Duration: 50:13

Target audience: State, Federal, and Tribal Agencies

NPIC answers pesticide questions from all 50 states and territories. While most inquiries are informational, about 15% of callers report pesticide exposures, symptoms, misuse, spills, or environmental effects. We discuss how NPIC collects and categorizes this anonymous, self-reported data and how EPA-affiliated state, federal, and tribal agencies can request data at no charge for their use in outreach, education, or informing regulatory decisions. As an NPIC data specialist, Coordinator Amy Cross guides participants through the strengths and limitations of NPIC data and how to request robust reports. A large portion of this webinar focuses on Q&A after the presentation, with the database developer on-hand for technical questions.


Pesticides, People, and Pollinators: Answers to tricky pesticide questions for Master Gardeners

Presented on 4/12/18 by Alicia Leytem & April Strid

Duration: 1:06:36

Target audience: Master Gardeners, County Extension Agents, Universities

Discussing pesticides with the public can be tricky, even for trained professionals. Master gardeners are on the front line, providing information directly to the public on a wide range of topics. In this webinar, pesticide specialists with the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) provide resources that master gardeners can use to navigate these conversations. We discuss topics including protecting pollinators from pesticides, comparing organic and conventional pesticides, how to minimize exposures to pesticides, and how individual risk perception influences behavior. The recording includes the Q&A after the presentation.


Using NPIC's Ecological Pesticide Incident Reporting Portal

Presented on 11/7/17 by Alicia Leytem

Duration: 33:28

Target audience: Professionals in Ecology and Wildlife Sciences, including wildlife conservation, regulation, and animal husbandry; EPA; State Agencies.

Created in 2009, NPIC's Ecological Pesticide Incident Reporting Portal was designed for professionals in ecology and wildlife sciences to voluntarily report pesticide exposures to wildlife, plants, and bees. Now with a new look and behind-the-scenes updates, the portal guides users in leaving detailed reports about the number and nature of adverse effects observed in the field. We will walk through the portal step-by-step discussing both required information as well as additional details that can provide the most robust reports.

Important note about EcoPortal submissions: the information submitted through this portal is offered voluntarily and will not be used for targeted enforcement. If you wish to speak with someone about a potential investigation, please contact your state's pesticide regulatory agency for pesticide enforcement.


Glyphosate and Communicating Risk

Presented on 6/8/17 by Kaci Buhl

Duration: 1:12:02

Target audience: National Park Service and other natural resource professionals

Glyphosate is the most widely used pesticide in the world, and contradictory cancer classifications in recent years have raised an uproar. To prepare audience members for conversations with the public, this webinar was presented by Kaci Buhl at the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC). She discussed glyphosate properties, use patterns, and toxicity before diving into the data behind the headlines. In the second half, she discussed risk perception science, and proposes a risk communication framework and checklist. The presentation is followed by questions and answers.


More Mosquito Control, More Questions: Communicating with the Public about Pesticides and Risk

Presented on 5/12/17 by Amy Cross

Duration: 50:04

Target audience: Health Departments, Vector Control Professionals, EPA, State Agencies, University Extension, and others.

Vector control efforts across the country are ramping up in response to the Zika virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses. To prepare audience members for conversations with the public, topics in this webinar include reading pesticide labels, approaches for communicating pesticide risk to the public, an overview of popular pesticide active ingredients used in mosquito control, and NPIC resources available online. The presentation is followed by questions and answers.


All About the HPT (Herbicide Properties Tool)

Presented on 11/14/16 by Brittany Hanson

Duration: 27:05

Target audience: Extension, Departments of Environmental Quality, Environmental Agencies, General Public

Learn about NPIC's latest web app, the Herbicide Properties Tool, which will help users evaluate the potential for movement of herbicides in the environment, including water solubility, vapor pressure, soil half-life, and more!


How can NPIC compliment the work of poison centers?

Presented on 3/03/16 by Alicia Leytem

Duration: 1:12:22

Target audience: Poison Center Staff

Pesticide specialists are scientists with unique training in pesticide related topics, but are not medically trained. Therefore, NPIC provides referrals to poison control centers across the country when immediate medical advice is needed. Learn from an NPIC specialist what products are regulated as pesticides, when it is appropriate for poison centers to refer callers to NPIC, and how to utilize the NPIC Product Research Online (NPRO) to look up product information.


NPRO: Search for Registered Pesticides like a PRO!

Presented on 12/02/2015 by Amy Cross and Sean Ross

Duration: 38 minutes

Target audience: State lead agencies, EPA, Extension

Follow an NPIC specialist through example demonstrations using NPRO, NPIC's Product Research Online. Learn how to research registered pesticide products by up to nine search criteria. Dig deeper into specific products with one-click access to the label, AI synonyms, and more. Questions from participants are answered in real-time with the product developer on-hand for technical questions and version updates.


Become a PRO: NPIC's Product Research Online (NPRO)

Presented on 6/25/2015 by Amy Cross and Sean Ross

Duration: 38 minutes

Target audience: State lead agencies, EPA, Extension

Take a tour of NPIC's pesticide product search tool. Search for federally registered pesticide products by several criteria. Narrow the search results, view the federal product label, and jump to active ingredient information in EPA's ChemSearch. Designed for professionals, the system requires some knowledge of pesticide terminology, including use sites and chemical synonyms.


Pesticide Strategy: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Presented on 2/6/2015 by Kaci Buhl, Charles Pinkerton, and Danielle Carroll

Duration: 60 minutes

Target audience: Gardeners and others who use pesticides around the home


Incident data from NPIC: How to Request It & What Can It Tell Us?

Presented on 1/22/2015 by Kaci Buhl and Dave Stone

Duration: 42 minutes

Target audience: Federal and State Agencies, Tribes

NPIC receives over 10,000 inquiries each year, originating from all 50 states and US territories. About 15% of inquiries involve a pesticide exposure, an adverse effect, a misapplication and/or a spill. NPIC collects a wide range of data points about the inquiries received, and make that data available to EPA and affiliated state agencies at no charge. In this webinar, the NPIC Coordinator will preview the types of data collected and their unique strengths compared to other sources of pesticide incident data. Example reports will be presented, as well as feedback from state agencies on how the data were useful.

If you have questions about this, or any pesticide-related topic, please call NPIC at 1-800-858-7378 (8:00am - 12:00pm PST), or email at npic@ace.orst.edu.

Last updated August 22, 2019

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