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Common Pesticide Questions

Would I hurt the fish by weeding and feeding the lawn?

Bob read the label of the weed and feed pesticide he planned to apply to his lawn. Under the Environmental Hazard Statements section of the product label, he learned the product is toxic to fish. Bob took a look at his yard and noticed the lawn area he planned to treat sloped downward toward a stream that flowed directly into a neighborhood fish pond. Bob wondered if the weed and feed product could move across his lawn, to the stream, and potentially harm the fish. Bob noticed the National Pesticide Information Center telephone number on the label and decided to give them a call to get more information about his situation.

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Take Home Message

Bob did the right thing by reading the pesticide label before he used it! Some pesticides can be highly toxic to fish and other wildlife. Reading the label is the first step you should take to reduce the risk of pesticide poisoning. His concern about the slope of his land down toward a fish habitat prompted questions about the potential risk of pesticide movement. The movement characteristics of a specific active ingredient(s) and the formulation of a pesticide product influence the potential risk of exposure to wildlife and the environment. If you have pesticide questions, call NPIC at 1-800-858-7378 to speak with a Pesticide Specialist.

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