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PestiBytes Episode 2: How Can I Wash Pesticides From Fruit and Veggies?

headphones Introduction/Conclusion: Dr. Dave Stone, Director of the National Pesticide Information Center
Host: Sandra Uesugi, EHSC Outreach Program Coordinator
Guest: Andrea, NPIC Pesticide Specialist

DR. STONE: Welcome to PestiBytes, a podcast series from the National Pesticide Information Center. These are based on common pesticide questions from people just like you.


SANDRA: This is Sandra. I'm talking to Andrea about pesticides on fruits and vegetables. Andrea, what is the best way to get pesticides off fruits and vegetables?

ANDREA: Washing fruits and vegetables under running water is better than just dunking them. A firm fruit like a melon or a potato can be scrubbed, unlike a raspberry. You can't really scrub that. But scrubbing firm fruits can help get more of the residues off.

SANDRA: Does peeling help?

ANDREA: Peeling can help also, or baking. But you might be getting rid of the nutrients if you do that.

SANDRA: What about using soap?

ANDREA: Fruits and vegetables have pores like your skin does. Those products can get trapped on the fruit. There are some kinds of soaps that are meant to be used on fruit but your regular dish soap or bleach are not meant to be used on fruit and vegetables.

SANDRA: Good to know. Is there any way to get all the pesticide residue off?

ANDREA: There is no 100% effective way to get pesticide residues off fruits and vegetables. It's very important, though, to have a diet full of fruits and vegetables. A diet rich with a variety of fruits and vegetables is very important for health and disease prevention.

SANDRA: Well, that's great information to know. Thanks!

ANDREA: You're welcome!


DR. STONE: If you have questions about pesticides, please call us at 1-800-858-7378 or visit us on the web at http://npic.orst.edu. PestiBytes is brought to you by the National Pesticide Information Center, a cooperative agreement between Oregon State University and the Environmental Protection Agency. These are produced in collaboration with OSU's Environmental Health Sciences Center, funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

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Last updated May 10, 2011

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