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Illegal, Cancelled, and Restricted Pesticides

Illegal pesticides include products that are sold or distributed in the U.S. without being evaluated or registered by the EPA. It may also be illegal to distribute misbranded or adulterated pesticides, and pesticides with missing or incorrect label information. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency with questions about illegal pesticides.

Pesticide product registrations can be cancelled for several reasons. For example, the company may request cancellation or the EPA could re-evaluate the product and remove uses based on current scientific knowledge of the risks. You can search for information about active and cancelled products here. The EPA publishes cancellations and usage changes in the Federal Register.

Restricted-use pesticide products may only be purchased and/or used by certified pesticide applicators. They undergo required training, testing and continuing education. Restricted-use products must include a text box on the front panel of the product label indicating, "Restricted Use Pesticide."

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Last updated January 25, 2021

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