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The information presented by NPIC does not in any way replace or supersede the information on the pesticide product labeling or other regulatory requirements. Please refer to the pesticide product labeling.

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National Pesticide Information Center-managed online communities are intended to inform users of pesticide-related news and events, as well as foster pesticide-related discussion and a sense of community among users.

We encourage you to share your opinions and comment freely about the topics we post, but ask that you provide comments that are respectful and professional. If we become aware of posts that are off-topic; represent fundraising or spam; constitute or encourage illegal activity; infringe upon someone’s rights; contain obscenities; or direct or target physical threats or other crimes, we reserve the right to remove them. Our social pages exist to disseminate scientific information about pesticides, integrated pest management, and related issues.

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Last updated October 08, 2015

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