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Common Pesticide Questions

Dirty work clothes: how should I wash out pesticides?

Amanda was starting a load of laundry when she noticed a strong chemical odor. Ever since her husband Dan started his new job applying pesticides, his work clothes have had that distinct smell. Amanda hadn't wanted to say anything to Dan, but she was a little worried about washing his work clothes with the family laundry. After several weeks of worrying, she decided to call her doctor's office to see if they had any information about pesticides in clothing. The medical assistant at the clinic told her that she should call the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) to see if Amanda should change the way she was washing her husband's clothes.

Click here to find out what the NPIC specialist told Amanda about washing pesticide contaminated clothing.

Take Home Message

Amanda called NPIC and was surprised to hear a live person answer her call. She told the NPIC specialist about her husband's work clothes and her concerns. The specialist asked Amanda about the type of pesticides her husband used. She was embarrassed to admit that she really didn't know a lot about them. The specialist said that some pesticide product labels had specific washing instructions for contaminated clothing. The specialist provided these general rules of thumb published by University Extension professionals in North Dakota, Missouri and Ohio.

The specialist showed Amanda the extension publications related to pesticides and clothing. Amanda said she may call NPIC back for any additional questions.

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